New Rhythms

I was talking with my friend Alyssa this morning about our back-to-school week, and we were saying how all of our ducks aren’t quite in a row yet.  (“Getting my ducks in a row” is one of my very favorite Alyssa-isms, and as a former elementary school teacher, she’s very good at it!)

For me, creating new rhythms is one of my favorite and yet most challenging things about this time of year.  Not only are the girls getting back on sleep schedules that involve walking up early and having to get ready more quickly, but Bill and my schedules often fluctuate from semester to semester.  We end up spending a few weeks figuring out who needs to be where and when, who needs the car or if I need to pack my lunch, and how we negotiate tired girls and tired parents without having to stomp our feet loudly (which Molly did this morning.)

At the same time, these new rhythms ask us to be intentional and think about how we want to spend our days.  I may not have been ready to go back to school, but I love to listen to my girls tell about the fun things in their days, and I love to teach my students who are energetic and excited at this time of year.  It’s reminded me to commit to being offline in the afternoon, to plan ahead for dinners and lunches, to play more games and more horses and more cars because we only have a few hours in the afternoon, to get in bed early and curl up with a book to wind down.  I do love the unstructured moments of summer, but I am equally thankful for the sweet routine of school.


4 responses to “New Rhythms

  • Shanna

    I feel the same way about starting school. I love summer, but I also really love the routine and structure of the semester.

  • soosieq

    Me too (to Shanna’s comment and to your post)! I’m not in school anymore, but 18 years of habit dies hard. Fall is all about re-centering for me– what do I want to accomplish? What am I doing to make sure that happens? What can I do better? That sort of thing. And organizing one’s time in response to the answers to those questions is just one of the ways we live “intentional” lives, as you say. I love your thoughts.

  • katieleigh

    Yes. My summer isn’t quite over yet, but I am looking forward to the routine and intention of autumn.

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