37 Things before I turn 38

Today is my 37th birthday and inspired by my friend, Katie, I decided to make a list of 37 things I would like to accomplish in the next year.

1.  Cook 52 new recipes from pinterest or my new cookbooks

2. Institute some kind of sabbath in our family — a weekly rhythm of rest

3.  Go to Germany

4.  Start a new holiday (Thanksgiving or Christmas) tradition

5.  Read 24 books for pleasure

6.  Run a 9k

7.  Catch up on scrapbooking and start a new system in 2013

8.  Read aloud to the girls nightly

9.  Attend yoga regularly (once a week?)

10.  Blog at least twice a week

11.  Plant something that I can eat

12.  Begin composting

13.  Explore the Kerrville area

14.  Bike in the Tetons

15.  Commit to more regular date nights with B

16.  Write a journal article and submit it for publication

17.  Host a conference at ACU

18.  Be intentional about being unplugged when the girls are home

19.  Experiment with natural laundry soap

20.  Attempt some kind of spending fast for a month

21.  Finish the Slow your Home boot camp

22.  Pay off our Visa card

23.  Cull books from the girls’ bookshelves

24.  Master the bouldering wall at ACU

25.  Take the girls to swim at ACU on the weekends

26.  Organize and cull my recipes

27.  Apply for a Cullen Grant

28.  Reconnect with at least one old friend

29.  Work on writing with Jane Anne and helping her feel more confident about it

30.  Plan monthly excursions with the girls

31.  Begin planning for another study abroad semester

32.  Develop a Rhetoric of Food course

33.  Light candles at dinner more often, especially as the days get shorter

34.  Take more family walks — at least once a week

35.  Find some good crock pot meals for Mondays when the girls are at dance

36.  Continue our family’s focus on geography that we started this summer

37.  Go on a “longish” hike in Yellowstone with the girls — maybe Mount Washburn

I realize that some of these goals are really vague.  You might be asking what “more often” or “do better” really looks like, and so am I.  I’m hoping that they become regular habits — monthly, weekly, daily.  Making this list was harder than I imagined — and 37 didn’t seem old until I had to come up with A LOT of things!


2 responses to “37 Things before I turn 38

  • soosieq

    I love all of these things! I know you haven’t accomplished them yet, but these are pretty amazing goals. No surprise, since you’re such an amazing person. You’ll have to update us readers on your progress. Good luck!

  • katieleigh

    I would love to take a Rhetoric of Food course. How cool! (I’m trying to come up with my own list in preparation for my birthday next month. Harder sometimes than it seems!)

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