Kentucky Trip

We headed to Kentucky last week to see Bill’s family and decided to spend some special family time along the way.  It was our last hurrah before school starts.

We drove all day Monday and arrived in Nashville mid-day on Tuesday, picnicking along the way:

Jane Anne is a big fan of the Percy Jackson series, so we decided to stop at Nashville’s replica of the Parthenon for a tour.  Jozie, who was living in Nashville at the time, met us for the day.


Janne Anne wasn’t quite sure what to think about this 42-foot tall stature of Athena.


Enjoying some ice cream and a stroll on Vanderbilt’s campus.


On Wednesday, Jozie met us again and we headed up to Mammoth Cave for the Historic Tour.  It was a two hour, two mile tour and we all really enjoyed it.


Waiting for the tour to start

Exiting the cave after the tour


We drove onto Louisville that afternoon and then headed to Cherokee Park for a picnic dinner and some playtime


Friday morning we met Bill’s mom and step dad at the Louisville Slugger museum to take the factory tour and see the museum.  The girls both got to hold one of Mickey Mantle’s bats.


Finally this photo.  A sweet pic of my girls in a giant glove.  When I posted it on facebook, I titled it “a great catch.”  It makes me really happy, but a little sad.



Because it’s felt like a blink of an eye since this picture was taken.  July 2004.

Overall it was a good week : good to be trapped in the car with my favorite people, good to talk and laugh and open silly little presents I got for the trip, and good to be back home.










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