Summer Schedule

(This post turned into an overview of summer so far.  You’re welcome?)

I know I’ve mentioned on here several times how much I enjoy the lazy days of summer.  I do.  But I also like just a bit of a schedule.  It keeps the natives (and their mom) from getting too restless and gives us a nice rhythm to our days.

I surprised the girls with a “last-day-of-school basket” to kick things off.  They came home to this, full of summer goodies:

Our summer schedule involves

Make time to read Mondays — trips to the library

Tackle a task Tuesday — so far we’ve made “Ned” an iPhone monster to remind mom to stay off her phone, exploded Mentos and diet coke, painted the porch swing, and installed a pulley system on their fort.

What’s to eat Wednesday — the girls have been helping me cook lasagna, pizza, taquitos, and peanut butter cookies.

Thoughtfulness Thursday — we do something sweet for someone else

Fun day Friday — picnic at Jacob’s Dream, quick trip to Fort Worth to go the Amon Carter Art Museum and ride the Trinity Park train, swimming, sports day, etc.

I’ve really enjoyed our schedule — we’re doing a bit of school in the afternoon with a focus on geography (JA’s request) — and the girls look forward to each day.  They have particularly enjoyed tackling tasks on Tuesdays!


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