New Beginnings Camp

Jane Anne convinced me to let her go to sleep-away camp this year — all the way in East Texas!  Of course, it helped that my dear friend, Dava Lynn, is the camp director, and that it’s staffed by parents and grandparents.  One of my closest friends, Lisa, ended up as her counselor, so I knew she was in great hands.  I sure did miss her, though!  And the fact that it felt like a big milestone, meant I shed some tears over her going.

She had a GREAT time!  She can’t wait to go back and we hear all about the fun things she did and fun people she met.

Two besties (Katie and JA) on their way to camp

Her bunk — she got to sleep right next to her friend, Olivia, who moved to FW.

JA and Katie ready to hit the pool.  As soon as the girls check in, they change and head to the pool.  Seems smart to me, no lingering goodbyes!

JA and Dava Lynn

JA, Lisa, and some friends from her cabin

By the time we picked her up on Saturday, I had been counting the hours until I got to hug her neck!  She was happy, tired, (a tad stinky), and ready to come home.


One response to “New Beginnings Camp

  • Alyssa

    Yay! congrats on making it through the sleep away camp mom!! You are an inspiration to us that didn’t send ours too far away to sleep! 🙂

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