Pacific Northwest, Day 1

Last week, I pulled the girls out of school for a few days and flew to Seattle with my parents.  My brother, Casey, his wife, Kat, and my absolutely adorable niece Izzy live up there.  Casey’s birthday was last week, so Kat thought it would be great fun if we decided to surprise him with a visit.  He was very surprised and it was a lot of fun!

Our first full day there, we drove up to the Olympic Peninsula — there were amazing views: the Olympic range to the west and Puget sound to the east.  Absolutely gorgeous.

First we went to a game park/drive-through zoo.  It was a neat little park, and we enjoyed getting to feed and see the animals (llamas, pea fowl, kodiak bears, bison, elk, timber wolves, etc) up close.  Here is one of the attack llamas.

After lunch we drove to Olympic National Park.  I would love to spend a lot more time there.  It’s beautiful.  After a quick stop at the Visitor Center, we headed up into the park.

This day was probably my favorite of the trip, but we had some pretty fantastic adventures while we were there — more posts soon!


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