Molly’s Pony Party

Molly is a horse-loving girl.  I’m sure you remember her imaginary horse, Maximus, who traveled Europe with us (he still hangs around sometimes).  There are lots of and lots of other  beloved horse friends/toys at our house, too.  Last summer, when Molly and I went to the American Girl store, she took her horse to get its hair done, rather than her doll.

It only seemed fitting to have a horse-themed birthday party.  In addition, the fact that her birthday almost always falls during finals week, means that I want her party to be as low-key as possible.  This year, we had her party out at a little place called Pony Pal Stables.  It was absolutely perfect.  (Well, it could have been 20 degrees cooler, but oh well.)  The kids got to ride Giddy-up the pony many times, went on a barrel train ride, petted a bunny, and had a hayride before heading in for cupcakes and presents.

Here she is ready for the party.  And, yes, she is wearing a cape.

Waiting for her friends to arrive.

Talking to Giddy-up


The train

The hayride

Happy birthday girl




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