The Month of NO

If you’ll remember I recently declared April “The Month of No.”  Overall, I did a good job of saying no.  We had multiple calm weekends, and I felt far less frantic than I often do at this time of the year.

Yet, I can also think of times I am grateful to have said “yes”

1.  Passover meal and sedar with several families from church.

2.  An informal gathering at our house for homemade ice cream

3.  Learning Adventure Day

4.  A date with my husband to see “Emma” at ACU Theatre

5.  A surprise 40th birthday party for a friend

6.  A rescheduled Alyssa weekend

When I write out something like “saying ‘no’ makes saying ‘yes’ more fun,” it seems simplistic and obvious.  I find that it is a difficult balance for me to strike.  I’m glad I’ve said some of both.


One response to “The Month of NO

  • Granny

    I feel a learning moment coming on. Thank you for sharing. The example you give make it very clear how positive you are. Lesson learned; No makes more time to enjoy yes! I love you.

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