Counting down to….

One of the things I love about being in academia is the cycle of the year. Right now there are countless meetings and things to grade and ceremonies to attend and I can get overwhelmed by how many demands there are on my time.  But I know that it won’t be long until I can enjoy the lazy days of summer.  Sure, I’ll have some schoolwork to do, but it will (mostly) be on my schedule.

There are 19 more times I have to take my girls to school and 12(ish) more times I have to take myself to school.  I’m ready for a break for all four of us.  Time to:

  1. Sleep in (the girls get pretty good at this)
  2. Stay up with the sun (but not get up with the sun)
  3. Read and read and read (and not grade)
  4. Take some trips (short and long)
  5. Tackle some projects around the house (like installing a pulley on the fort, which the girls have been begging for)
  6. Try some new recipes
  7. Shop the farmer’s market
  8. Enjoy sacred family time together

What are you counting down to?


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