Project: Simplify — Week 2

This week’s task for Project: Simplify is the pantry and fridge.  I’m pretty good about keeping those clean, organized, and relatively free of processed food, so I decided we needed to tackle the garage and laundry room.

On top of our washing machine (Liz is her name, by the way) is a really cute basket that ends up holding lots of random stuff we don’t want to deal with. As a result, we rarely ever go through it an clean it out.  So I emptied the basket, trashed or put everything away, and moved the basket to a high shelf, so it is less likely to be refilled.  Liz seems pleased with the result.

Then we moved on to the garage.  First a disclaimer: I live with someone who has ridiculously high standards for the garage.  (He mopped it once after a Sonic spill.) So our garage started at what most people would consider very clean.  Even though we only have one car, it can hold two.  Nevertheless, it had gotten to a point of messy that bugged us both.  We pulled everything out onto the drive way – -it was a GORGEOUS spring day —  and then sorted, tossed, returned to people, and donated two trunk-loads worth of stuff.  In the mean time, the girls helped cull some of their outdoor toys, chalked the drive way, dug in the flower beds, biked, and played.  Then Bill swept and we moved stuff back in.  The finished product looked like this:

Feel free to ooh and ahh.  It felt like a huge accomplishment to get it all finished, and we really enjoyed being outside as a family playing and working together.


2 responses to “Project: Simplify — Week 2

  • Alyssa

    Yay for projects! And just as a curious friend..I’d like to the before photo of the garage. I’m guessing it looks similar to the after because I cannot imagine what it would look like junked up. Few more days!

  • Susie Paunan

    I LOVE that you named your basked Lisa 🙂 Maybe if I named my pile of papers that add up I would attack it more often…just change the point of reference that I’d be spending time with a good friend.

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