Spring Break

I’ve been serving on the Provost Search Committee this Spring.  Because of some personnel changes at the end of last semester, we hit the ground running, a little bit behind in the game.  Because of this committee as well as some other factors, it means that it’s been a very, very busy semester.

I pride myself on both being on top of things and being able to set boundaries.  I’ve done neither of those things very well the past few weeks.  And although I manage stress pretty well most of the time (Bill may disagree with me about this one), I have really succumbed to my stress the past two weeks.  I don’t like it when I feel anxious and irritable, but that’s how I’ve been most of the time recently.  (I have a tell, even.  When I’m really stressed I get eczema on the index finger of my left hand.  Random, I know. And, yep, it’s there.)

All of this to say, I desperately need a break.  My family needs me to be attentive and calm.  And as of 2:00 Friday afternoon that break has come.

I’ll need to grade and read far more than I like to do on breaks, but I’ll also get to sleep in, (three 7:00am meetings in the past week!  Really?), finish a fabulous book I’m reading, play with the girls, cook some fun recipes, and relax.  Then on Thursday, we’ll head to College Station and Houston for a short trip out of town.  My friend Camille often talks about the benefit of “seeing Abilene in your rear-view mirror,” and I’m planning on enjoying that treat, eating out, and seeing my cousin get married.

The week after Spring Break brings more meetings (yes, another one at 7:ooam), but it also means the work of the committee is coming to a close.  I’m hoping to start the second-half of the semester in a better frame of mind than I ended the first half.  I also get to joyously anticipate celebrating Jane Anne’s birthday, an agenda-less trip to Fort Worth with Alyssa, and Easter.

I hope that each of you have a break to anticipate, too.


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