Project: Simplify — Week 1

I love reading Simplemom’s blog, so I decided to declutter along with her this month in her Project: Simplify. This week’s task is kid’s stuff.  Great timing!  With Christmas behind us and both girls’ birthdays quickly approaching (and 3 sets of grandparents), it was definitely a needed task.

We are pretty good about keeping the playroom under control and had recently done a decluttering of it, so I decided to tackle the girls’ room.  In addition to needing to move clothes for the new season, the stuffed animals had been breeding, and the girls’ treasures were filling closet and drawer space.  The girls were actually pretty helpful in the process, and we celebrated our accomplishment with a tea party lunch in the middle of the living room floor.

This isn’t exactly a “before” picture; I’d describe it more of a “at the worst point” picture.  I had pulled all of the collections (notes, art projects, rocks, souvenirs) off the closet shelves and dresser and put them in the middle of the floor.  Jane Anne has a small drawer, and I gave Molly a box to put things in.  Everything they wanted to keep had to fit in that space.

Here’s the completed pile of stuffed animals, games, clothes, shoes, and trash we pulled out of their room.  Some of it will go to friends as hand-me-downs, some of it to the Christian Service Center, the cardboard will be recycled, and some of it has already moved into the outside trashcan.

Here’s a picture of their finished closet.  Their drawers, the shelves of the dresser, and the stuffed animal bins also are drastically improved!

I love what Tsh said about decluttering and simplifying in a post last week; Jane Anne even read it and agreed:

“Consider your decluttering an act of worship. You’re freeing your family to wait expectantly for what God has in store for the future, you’re thanking Him for the possessions you truly love, and you’re unhinging your spirit from things on earth that will one day be dust. Our stuff is a gift… And yet, it’s just stuff.”


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