100 Books, Round 2 (books 11-18)

We’ve been working through more of our 100 books this week.  Last Monday, the girls were off school for President’s Day, so we ventured to the public library and came home with 35 books (not all of them on the list!).

Now we’ve read

1. Are You My Mother? (not pictured)

2.  Diary of a Worm (Molly’s favorite out of this group)

3.  An Egg is Quiet (JA’s favorite)

4. Gossie

5.  Black and White

6.  We the Kids

7.  What do We do with Boo Hoo Baby?

8. The Very Hungary Caterpillar (my favorite for 2 reasons — it’s inscribed to me by Eric Carle, a treasured possession, and Molly read it, saying “callipetter” the whole time)

And just in case you think reading is a calm, sweet time at our house (it is sometimes), sometimes it looks more like this:

And sometimes, it’s way too crazy to catch a picture of it.


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