What English teachers do

Is decide that something might be a good idea, and then read books about it.  So if you’re thinking about simplifying, here are a couple of fun reads, and a watch (is that the parallel to a “read”?).

The Winter of Our Disconnect — I’m finishing this one up right now.  It’s about a mom who pulled the plug on screen time for her three teenagers for 6 months. Sometimes it’s laugh out loud funny, and it’s packed with interesting research about boredom, distraction, relationships, etc.

Walden — I’ve read this before, but it’s been quite a while and thought it might be fun to read again.  And the e-book is free! I do want to “live deliberately,” but don’t have any interest in sequestering myself in the woods.

The Story of Stuff — I love talking about this 20-minute film with my classes.  They think it’s “biased,” but it’s a great reminder about the impact of our purchases.


One response to “What English teachers do

  • Alyssa

    Thank you for the book/movie list. I do want to read them all. I’ve only read a small portion of Walden, but really…at 38, I should have read the whole thing by now!

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