January Resolution

The author of one of my favorite sites — Unclutter — sets her resolutions monthly instead of yearly, so I thought I would try this for 2012.  My January resolution was to untether myself from my phone.  In the spirit of “enough,” I want to spend less time on it (email, facebook, etc) and more engaged with the people around me.

Step one was get a watch. I rely on my phone for the time quite a bit. So I dug one out of my drawer that I got in 2005 and love, and replaced the battery.

I’m not really sure there is a step two, except to be intentional about not being on my phone, especially when I am with friends and family.  (Oh, yes, and I deleted my facebook app.)  I’ve been leaving it the car more when we go places and leaving it in my bag when we’re out.

So how is it going? I’d give it mixed results.  I did go the entire week we were at Disney without checking email or facebook.  Overall, I am doing much better than I had been, but I’m not where I want to be (story of life, huh?).  I find myself pulling out my phone when I find myself with idle time (especially at the end of the day when I’m feeling a bit brain dead), but I want to condition myself to spend that time in other ways.

Hopefully, when I add a new resolution each month, I’ll be able to continue the good habits I established the month before and build on them.  We’ll see.



2 responses to “January Resolution

  • Alyssa

    I’ve missed a few posts I see! And I love the theme for the month! And your watch! It’s really cute! And proud of you for doing this! You are awesome!

  • Granny

    I am always amazed at what I learn from you. Since Bill is home all day and when I get home I do online school work. Bill just told me he hates to say he is jealous of my computer and hates my Kindle Fire.
    Lesson taken.

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