And herein lies the rub (aka Disney World!)

If it seems inconsistent for a year about “enough” to start with a Disney trip, it is.  Not sure what else to say, except that is was extravagant and indulgent and wonderful.

One of the things Bill and I have tried to prioritize in our family is experiences over stuff.  So for Christmas this year, the girls opened a trip to Disney World.  The box under the tree had some park maps, Mickey socks, a Disney travel book, and a paper chain with 13 links.  Jane Anne figured it out immediately, and they were both thrilled!

We had a great trip meeting princesses and trying new roller coasters and even getting to meet up with dear friends who were also there.  Mainly we throughly enjoyed each other’s company in that magical place.  I came home to start school with a very full heart!

This is the morning we left; the girls are sporting their homemade Minnie ears.

Fireworks from our room

The first morning we headed to the parks.

About to ride Big Thunder Mountain

While we were there, JA elected to spend her money on pins instead of a princess dress (she brought one from home) and spent a lot of time trading with the cast members.  She loved it, and it was great to watch her come out of her shell a little to talk to people she hadn’t met.

My favorite moment was watching the Main Street Electrical Parade.  So magical — I always get a little teary.

We also had lunch with an Animal Keeper at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  He talked to us for about an hour and then we got to meet one of the tortoises, Smitchy.

One of my favorite meals was with Cinderella, Prince Charming, The Stepmother (Lady Tremaine), Anastasia, Drucella, and our dear friends the Heflins.  The stepmother and stepsisters were quite fun; the stepmother was quite sure Molly was the favorite child since she was the only one sporting a princess dress.  (The Heflin’s four-year old, Haven, was not having any of the stepmother!)

Prince Charming was completely enamored with Karen and me, and insisted we get our picture with him.  We agreed, but made it known that we are taken!

The girls loved meeting Rapunzel.

And my very favorite was meeting Mary Poppins in her nanny gear (as opposed to her Jolly Holiday outfit).  I was thrilled and might have RUN across Town Square to get in line.  Mary Poppins is definitely my favorite Disney movie (okay, favorite movie) and character!!

Finally, one of the girls’ favorite souvenirs was getting a tub of Legos from the Lego wall at the Lego store.

Decisions, decision.


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