Fall Break — Dallas Zoo

After a busy semester and homecoming weekend, we were anxious to get out of town for our one-day fall break.  Bill and I picked up the girls early from school on Thursday and headed to Dallas.  We had a few free hotel nights, so we stayed at a fancy hotel in a fun little area of North Dallas.

Friday (after a leisurely morning and brunch) we headed out to explore the Dallas Zoo.

The girls had a great time hopping around the rocks at the children’s zoo and petting the farm animals.  We enjoyed a relatively quiet day at the zoo as well as seeing the zoo’s baby giraffe.


One response to “Fall Break — Dallas Zoo

  • Carlee Lane

    Okay it’s official, you are the most awesome mother in the history if awesome mothers. Stumbling upon your blog and reading your precious family’s activities just further proves this. I love that y’all were able to steal away to DFW for a bit. The zoo there is very fun! I love your pictures. My mom used to dress my sister, Jolee, and I in matching outfits for certain fun occasions. Actually, JA and Molly remind me a lot of Jolee and I at that age. I love watching your girls. They’re overflowing with sweetness…they get that from you, ya know! 🙂 I love your family so much. I look forward to keeping up with you here!

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