May Farm

The kindergarteners at the girls’ school get to go on a field trip to May Farm.  Remember when Jane Anne went?

Molly was *very* excited to get to go.

She got to take her first ride on a school bus, and her first ride on a donkey.

There are all sorts of really fun animals that live out at May Farm — llamas, goats, ponies, cattle, beefalo, sheep, donkeys, pigs, tortoises, cats, dogs, bunnies, emu, and even a hedgehog.  The kids get to pet and feed the animals, ride a trailer and have a picnic lunch out there.

We had a busy weekend ahead, so Molly’s teacher let me take Molly home with me and we took a long nap!


One response to “May Farm

  • Granny Carroll

    This looks a really great time. This I know, Molly is braver than me. I do not think I could hold a opossum in my hands. I love the donkey photo. Was the school bus fun? Love you Grand Girl!

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