I enjoy reading my friend Katie’s blog for lots of reasons: she’s a delightful writer, a fun person, and she lived in Oxford for a while, so I love reading her memories of Oxford and walking through those places in my memory.

One of my favorite posts that she’s written recently (besides the ode to Starbucks chai tea lattes) is one on the surprises in her life.  I decided to do likewise.  It’s been great fun to reflect on a few delightfully unexpected moments in my life.

1.  Paris.  I expected it to be somewhere I “should” go , and that I would enjoy, but mainly checkoff, the main sites.  Instead, I was completely enchanted.  I cried at the twinkling Eiffel Tower, awed at Notre Dame while sitting in this absolutely charming cafe, and relished a rainy afternoon strolling through neighborhoods and parks.  I cannot wait to return someday.

2.  My 22nd birthday.  Bill rented a convertible and we drove up to Cedarburg, WI, and then went to the drive in that evening .

3.  ACU.  That both of us found jobs here right after graduate school.  AND that it has been everything we’ve imagined.

4.  Motherhood.  I knew I wanted children and that I would adore them, but I could not have imagined how it shaped my identity and how much I love that shaping.

5.  Willie.  I still surprise myself that I was brave enough to try out to be ACU’s mascot as a freshman, and that I made it.

6.  Abi (and then Smudge and then Clyde and Bonnie).  I didn’t think I liked cats (and I knew I was allergic) and then I bought a really cute little kitten one lonely day in Milwaukee and named her Abilene.  Now 15 years later, there’s usually one in my bed every night.



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