Road Trip — Kentucky

I’m thinking I need to change the name of this blog to “Feast or Famine” since it seems like my posting has been in a bit of drought during the month of August.  Like the Rangers,  I must have hit a bit of a slump.  But the weather is starting to cool, we’re getting into fall routine, and I’m back to blogging.

At the beginning of August we headed out on a 14 day road trip.  It was partly to escape the heat of Texas, partly to spend some fun times with family, and partly because I really do love loading up everyone in the car and driving 3500 miles.  Really.

We started the trip with our fun friends the Thomases!  They were headed out the same day we were, so we thought it would be fun to caravan.  All the kids started out in one car:

The miles flew by!  We had so much fun getting to know and laughing with great friends!

Day 2 we made it into Kentucky, Bill’s home state.

And the next day we hit the Kentucky Horse Park.  Molly’s a bit of a horse fan and owns an invisible horse named Maximus, so it seemed like a fitting place to start.

While in Kentucky, we also went to the Louisville Science Center, stayed with wonderful hosts, David and Leah, celebrated Bill’s mom’s 60th birthday, and took a carriage tour of downtown.  It was a very fun few days of family!


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