All is well

But we did make a little trip to the ER on Thursday night.

Before dinner, Molly fell off the back of the couch and hit the back of her head pretty hard.  She was responsive, so after consulting with my dear Nurse Practitioner Friend, Elizabeth, we just decided to keep an eye on her.  The fact that she had stayed up until midnight the night before (for Yes Day) explained why she was so sleepy, but it didn’t make us feel any better.  When she vomited about 4 hours later, we decided to take her to the ER.  My dad came and sat with me, and when we finally saw the doctor around 1:00, she was very alert, being silly (in a totally Molly) way, and seemed fine.  He examined her and recommended against a CT scan and discharged us with a list of things to watch for.  She’s been great ever since.

JA had her little scare when she was 5

so we’re hoping this is now out of Molly’s system for quite a while!


One response to “All is well

  • Alyssa

    Hi there! I’m awake at 4am on Sunday morning. Are YOU ok? Just reading your story gave me chills. I’m glad she’s ok and by your FB status…you are off on your roadtrip. Sweet Molly.

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