A note about photography

I love my DSLR, I really do.  But after 4 months of carrying it (and my fancy heavy lens) all over Europe, I got a little tired of always having it with me.  So I haven’t been carrying it (much).  Not to Molly and my American Girl weekend, not to Threshold, not to Tour de Gap.  I always have my iPhone, so I’ve gotten some okay pics, but that’s why the quality hasn’t been as high.  I’m sure that I’ll be motivated to start carrying it again soon — I’ve been motivated to blog again, after all — but for now, just having a phone in my pocket has been great.

And sometimes, you can get really good pics with an iPhone, too.


One response to “A note about photography

  • Alyssa

    That IS a great photo! I need you to teach me how to mark out something when blogging. I really like that feature. Do you think iphone 3g takes just as good of pictures as iphone 4? I’m scared of it.

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