June recap

Things didn’t slow down in June, either!

The girls got to be in their dance recital, thanks to their fabulous teacher saving them a little part.  They were attendants to the King of the Bees.

And the lead of the show, Bee-Atrice, is my cousin, Amy!

The crowning scene.  JA and Molly presented the crown and the golden stinger to Mother Nature and she crowned Bee-Atrice.

and out sweet friend Megan came to the show.


Molly took swimming lessons.

We went to the moon.

Both girls took dance — JA took a ballet technique class and Molly took a tap/jazz class.  Here’s Molly at tap.  She really likes to accessorize.

I went to Malibu with my dear friend Camille (and to present two papers).

Molly and I went to Dallas for a night to celebrate her going to Kindergarten.


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