May recap

If anyone is still following my blog, you’ll notice that I went from posting (almost) everyday in Oxford to (almost) once a month in Abilene.  So I’m going to try to catch up on our lives and then strive for a happy medium.  Reading about our lives in Abilene isn’t nearly as interesting as reading about our lives in Oxford (unless you want to read that we’ve already hit 100 degrees 36 times this summer), but I do know that family and friend who live far away still enjoy keeping up.

So once we got home, we hit the ground running.   In fact, JA had an orthodontist appointment the next morning.  Braces coming soon.

I had a fantastic dinner with some of my closest Abilene friends.

The girls went back to school.

Molly and I went to a Mother’s Day tea at Stepping Stones.

Molly had her school program.

Yes, she is wearing a princess dress.  What else would you wear to your school program?

Jane Anne went to Midnight Madness at her school because she had earned enough AR points to go before we left the country!

The girls finished school.

Jane Anne celebrated her birthday at home with her friend Matalee.  They painted pottery, made homemade pizza and watched Gnomeo and Juliet.

It was good to be back home, and we were so very thankful to connect with friends we had missed so very much!


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