The things I love

On facebook, Bill has been listing 3 things a day he misses about Abilene since he’s not quite feeling ready to leave.  I’m ready.  I miss my home and feel so blessed by the deep roots we have there.

That being said, I have loved our time here and there will be things that I miss very much.  Here’s an incomplete list.

1.  Walking everywhere.  I really do love that I walk to church, to the store, to the museums, everywhere.  I have been in cars very few times since we’ve been here.  Yes, I will enjoy certain things about having my car back, but I will miss walking.

2.  Living in community with 35 incredible students.  I have loved the way they have loved on me and my children and they way that our relationships have grown deep.   I am excited that we get to continue those relationships back at ACU.

3.  Jacque and Mike.  I will miss them dearly.

4.  The food.  I’ve had some great meals in Oxford, but that’s not what I’ll miss.  I’ll miss that when I go to the grocery store, much of the food is local.  It is very fresh.  There is no corn sugar.  There is very little processed food.  I haven’t had to read labels in months.

5.  Walking up Queen’s Lane, under the Bridge of Sighs,  to the Radcliffe Camera.  You can see St. Mary’s, the Bodleian, Radcliffe Camera.  My absolute favorite spot in Oxford.

6.  Museums.  They’re on every corner.  And most of them are free.  And kid friendly.  And beautiful.

I’m sure that as I return home there will be many, many more things that I miss.  This is a beautiful city, full of history, and culture, and a love of learning.  And yet, the relationships that we have in Abilene continue to draw us homeward.  Blessings abound.


3 responses to “The things I love

  • Jacque

    Oh my goodness, we will miss you too!! I’m so thankful that you came this semester.

  • Katie

    I second all those things (particularly Jacque and Mike!). There’s no place like Oxford. And I, too, love walking up Queen’s Lane to Radcliffe Square. Is the wisteria blooming yet?

  • camille

    Things I love:

    1. That you have had a fantastic semester there and have made wonderful memories.

    2. That you will be coming home SOON!!! Love you!!!

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