So Long, Farewell (the last Salzburg post)

Our last full day in Salzburg was Easter Sunday.  We took a bus outside of town and then took a cable car to the top of the Untersberg, a mountain just outside of the city.  The summit is 1.8 km above sea level.  From there, we hiked about a kilometer to another summit, a hike that included me sliding about 12 feet down in the snow, and my beloved trying hard (and not succeeding) not to laugh.

At the top.   A lovely Easter reminder of empty graves.  And stones crying out.

the view of the rest of the Alps

the trail markers

Unfortunately, we realized after snapping quite a few pictures that my memory card was NOT in my camera, but back in the hotel room.  Luckily we realized in time to pull out our trusty iPhones for a few pics.  I was so disappointed though.  Fantastic memories, none the less.

We decided to end our trip as we had begun it, with a carriage ride.  The first one had been so very magical — and Molly loves horses so very much — it was worth a second trip.  Equally as magical.

We ended the evening with ice cream in the garden of our hotel.  Too bad the girls didn’t like it.

Salzburg was the absolutely perfect last trip.  I loved every moment of it, and it was so much more than I could have even imagined.


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