(I still owe you a Rob Bell post and one more Salzburg post. Maybe tomorrow.)

I realize that it may seem like life here is rarely “normal” — we can go to the Alps for the weekend or pop over to the park where Tolkien walked any given afternoon — and yet I’ve been thinking about how (comfortingly) normal our life here is.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store in the morning and the girls and I did some errands and went to the library in the afternoon. Granted we walked to all those places, but still relatively normal activities for our family.

Today was a lovely day as well. We received a package from our dear friends in Illinois that made the morning really fun. After Bill’s class, we all went to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie. Then I got a little frustrated with the girls, went upstairs and found a babysitter, and then went on a dinner date with Bill. (okay, I don’t have an upstairs at home, so I guess that’s not normal.)

As I think about returning home in 2 weeks(!) I am thankful for the way that our family has adjusted to this experience so well. For the ways that my girls, in particular, have gone with the flow and made whatever we were doing — traveling, walking, schooling, playing — seem totally normal.


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