Saturdays in Oxford

So one of the things I love about living here is that there are so many incredible museums and so many of them are welcoming to kids.  This past Saturday afternoon we headed to the Ashmolean for the kids activity there.

The girls got to mix their own paint using eggs. And then they got to paint.

Another  of the many things I love about Oxford: this is just a block or so from our flat, so we walk by it several times a day.  The thing is, though, that for Oxford this is pretty run of the mill.  Stunningly gorgeous buildings are everywhere.

It was a gorgeous afternoon so the girls headed out into the backyard and convinced Lizzie to make them daisy chains.  (One more  thing I love about Oxford — living in community with such incredible students.)

The best thing about being here, at least as I see it today, is the pace of life.

I’m thankful that we get to come home to summer and a slow pace for a while, too.  And though I know we can’t keep this pace of life going exactly as it is when school starts in the fall — my sabbatical ends and Bill teaches a full load again — I do think we’ve learned ways to cultivate it  in the midst of “real life.”


2 responses to “Saturdays in Oxford

  • camille

    Oh. My. Those curls with a wreath of daisies. TOO CUTE!

  • Karen

    Love this post. Looking forward to learning from you as you implement these slower patterns in this culture. I am all about that. Sometimes taking two giant steps out of our culture/situation gives us such a fresh perspective! Give me eyes to see!!

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