Charlie, Lola, and the British Museum

We were back to London yesterday to check a few more sights off our list.

We hit two museums — the first is called Discover and it’s about children’s stories.  Right now they have a Lauren Child exhibit going on.


They had a fantastic playground there.

Then we headed to the British Museum, which doesn’t have a cool playground.  But, it does have backpacks to checkout.  And if your sister got to choose the last one, so you get to choose this time, you feel pretty proud of yourself.

She chose one about how the Brits robbed the Greeks of all their marble statures and part of the Parthenon and now won’t give them back.  Kind of.  It WAS about Greece.

When Bill has the camera, he takes pictures of

Eggs commemorating the 1832 Reform Bill.  Who wouldn’t want a picture of that?


and this goofy kid


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