Cole Bennett told me that last June in Oxford he needed a jacket to walk to church.  Based on this information, did I pack any short-sleeved shirts or shorts for my children?  We were only staying until May.  Surely we would not need them.

As you can see from this picture, it is warm enough for these clothes.   My girls convinced me to go shopping.

The beauty of these warmer days is that the girls want to be outside a lot.  And there are lots of playmates.

This turned into a game where David threw a soccer ball into a tree to knock down pollen, leaves, flowers (I’m not entirely sure) and Michael, Molly, and JA tried to see who could catch the most in their shirts.

Inspecting the catches.

And we build fairy houses.  Today the girls and I came home from shopping to find that some fairies had left a treasure hunt in the fairy house to thank the girls for being so welcoming.  Dairy Milk at the end of the hunt.  (How great is it to live in community with so many thoughtful people who love our girls?)

And do school outside (she was about as productive as all the college students who were also “studying” outside)

And sometimes you just want to lie in the grass.

We’re soaking up the long days, sunshine, and deepened relationships with our students.


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