Derry is in Northern Ireland and is about 5 miles from the border of the Republic of Ireland.  It is really a microcosm of the Troubles and has seen its share of violence.

The students, Bill and Jane Anne went on a walking tour of the wall — only recently opened.  Molly was not in the mood for a walking tour, so we stayed in the room and played.

After we met the students for lunch, the girls and I went back to  the hotel and Bill went on a walking tour of Bogside, the Catholic neighborhood in Derry.  There is a collection of street murals that protest the violence, and Bill was able to meet 2 of the 3 artists that created the murals.

Here is one that memorializes a cousin of the artist who was killed in the Troubles.

And here’s a a more hopeful one

We ended our Ireland trip in Derry and headed “home” to Oxford.  Hard to believe that a month from today we’ll be headed home to Abilene.


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