Pictures! (A post in which there are none)

Look at the posts below for LOTS of pictures and updates.

We came home last night to a warm, sunny Oxford that looks vastly different than it did a week ago.  Not only are there more blooms, but most of the trees are in leaf.  The city is thousands of greens and smells of blooms — it’s intoxicating.  So very beautiful!

A moment of silence, though for my old MacBookPro.  It died in Dublin, and since it’s four years old and we are getting new computers in July, it won’t be fixed.  Luckily, everything is backed up, both on an external hard drive and on the online backup system ACU uses.

I’ll have a loaner waiting for me at home next month (my WONDERFUL department chair Cole offered to mail it to me, but I can wait).

For now, though, Bill and I have to share a computer.  Let me set the record straight and say that Bill is not very good at sharing.  So this may be hard for him.  Keep our marriage in your prayers.  Okay, maybe he’s better at sharing than I am.  Maybe.   I am happy, though, that when he takes 400 pictures of street murals with my camera that they will be filling up his hard drive space instead of mine.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures I’ve added so far.  Ireland is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.  I’ll post about the Giant’s Causeway and Derry in the next day or so.


2 responses to “Pictures! (A post in which there are none)

  • Leah

    Gorgeous pictures, Laura! Looking forward to more. 🙂

  • Alyssa

    LOVED getting the visual update!! Looks like you had an amazing week! Tagging random Irish strangers, writing names in the sand, playing in the cold ocean, and eating Mexican food! Who knew? Mexican food in Ireland? It’s look so pretty there!!!

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