Moving North

Saturday we moved from Ireland (Dublin) to Northern Ireland by coach (again, no throw up!).  Before we left Dublin, though, we hit the National Library  of Ireland.  They had a fun Irish children’s literature exhibit as well as a W.B. Yeats exhibit.

We stopped first at the Hill or Tara, where early Irish chieftains fought for power and where St. Patrick first used the shamrock to explain the trinity.

The girls had fun running around with the college girls on the hills.

St. Patrick

What I am convinced *must* be a direct descendant of the original shamrock used by St. Patrick himself.

Then on to Monasatre Boice, where there are some fabulous Celtic crosses.

Finally, we arrived in Belfast where we ate amazing burritos. Yep, really. First Mexican food in 2.5 months.


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