Belfast — church and another “moo-seum”

Yesterday there was a CIRA targeted bombing of a Catholic policeman in Northern Ireland (not in Belfast), which shaped the church service greatly. The focus was on grieving and reconciliation. It was beautiful — from the children’s moment about being fools for God, to the prayers, to the sermon on being made in the image of God — it was very holy. It was good to worship with the members and our students.

It was also a stark reminder of the violence that still lurks in Northern Ireland.  There is peace, but it is a tentative peace that many people still resent.

After lunch, we went to another “moo-seum,” as Molly called it.  She had been quite frustrated with having to see the Book of Kells the day before,  but this time it was a museum targeted at under 8s. Lots of noise, touching, and playing — much different from the one she got very fed up with on Saturday. 🙂

Bill and the students had lectures to attend in the evening, so the girls and I found a Starbucks, did our school work, and enjoyed some free wifi.

Tomorrow we’re off to a retreat center on the Northern Coast.


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