Today is Jane Anne’s actual birthday, so we continued to celebrate her today.  She started the day by going with Bill and his class to the Ashmolean to look at Pre-Raphaelite art, and Molly and I did a little shopping.

After lunch and lots of presents, she got to skype with her second grade class!  We never did get the sound to work, but they could hear her, so she told them about living in England.  Her classmates and wonderful teacher, Mrs. Young, held up notes, waved, made silly faces, and even sang to her.

We let her choose any restaurant she wanted, and she chose Brown’s — like an upscale Chili’s, I guess — where she got fish and chips.  Here we are before our night out.  Love my girl!

At Brown’s.  Since the Carrolls eat way earlier than the rest of Europe (6:00), we got our choice of tables.

Then on to dessert.  G&D’s ice cream.

And finally, a skype date with one of her besties, Matalee.  Listening to two 8 year olds chat, pure joy.

I think she had a great day.  Tomorrow we’re off to new adventures — several months ago, I asked JA “if you could do anything for your birthday in England, what would it be?”  So we’ve rented a car for the day and plan to fulfill that wish!


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