Lola Loves Pink Milk

Jane Anne and Molly already liked “Charlie and Lola” before we got here, but have especially enjoyed it here.  They check out the books from the library and rent the videos.  (I love Charlie and Lola because big brother Charlie is so very sweet and patient with little sister (and sometimes rather dramatic) Lola).  So when JA found Charlie and Lola party supplies, it was a done deal.  Tomorrow is her birthday, but her party with the students was tonight.

Her daddy took her to get flowers.

And then we decorated.

Made chocolate chip cookies (and pink milk)

And the party guests.

We watched Charlie and Lola cartoons, and the students completely loved on her — flowers, a book, homemade gifts, homemade cards, a Tangled doll.  So very sweet.

She’s learned well from her Mama and is drawing out the celebration over multiple days.  She already got an Alice in Wonderland chess set from Nana and Pop-Pop, and has more events planned for tomorrow AND Saturday.



5 responses to “Lola Loves Pink Milk

  • Granny

    What great fun to have a birthday in Oxford with tons of friends and fun.Love you Jane Anne. I hope day 2 of the birthday celebration is even more exciting!!

  • Nana

    Loved seeing pics of the party. Looks like everyone had a great time. Happy Birthday sweet 8 year old! I love you and hope that you have a great time at the Hundred Acre Wood.

  • Katie

    So sweet! I do love Charlie and Lola – they’re so fun. And I love how those college students (and Jacque!) are lovin’ on your girls.

  • Leah

    What fun! So excited for you Jane Anne! Hope your birthday celebration extravaganza is “wild”!!! 😉

  • Alyssa

    Happy 8th Jane Anne from your friends in Oklahoma! Drag it out girl. Your mom has taught you well. 🙂

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