Oxford is Bloomin’ Lovely

(Dumb WordPress was down last night and I couldn’t post.  Sorry!)

In the last few days/weeks, Oxford has exploded with color!  There are buds and blooms everywhere.  Yesterday, we headed out to the park to capture some of the glory (before it goes up ;)).

JA took her camera — and we called it Science.

My favorite tree right now — just around the corner from the flat.

Daffodils are some of the first to bloom, so we’ve been seeing them for a while.  Their blooming coincides with St. David’s Day, March 1.

Look at this unusual bloom

We befriended some Mallards

Then the girls came home and created projects with their “collections” from the park.  Molly made fairy jewelry, and JA made a face.  (This big rock in the middle is the nose.)

Gorgeous day, and as I sit typing this, the sun is pouring through the front window and I can see lovely purple and yellow in the bed just outside the window.  Looks like another beautiful day!!


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