Well begun is half done

Sometime this past week we hit the halfway point of our trip, we’ve been here 2 months and a day, and we head home in less than 2 months.  It’s kind of a strange feeling.

First of all, in some ways it feels like we’ve been here for a long time.  We’ve adjusted to life in Oxford — grocery shopping, the train, Oyster cards, GBP, even feeling pretty comfortable in London.  In other ways, though, the time has flown.  It’s hard to believe Spring Break is over and there are still a lot of wishes left on our list of things to do — Ashdown Forest, Blenheim, Warwick, Stonehenge, British Museum (again), Kensington Gardens, Regent Park, the Perch, the Trout, and not to mention just enjoying spring in Oxford.

So I have mixed emotions. (randomness:   I used to think that phrase was “mixty motions.”)  I want to savour our last weeks here and enjoy this incredible opportunity — I don’t want it to fly by.  There is a lot to love about life here.  I love having no cell phone.  No car.  No committee meetings.

And, yet, there are so many things that I miss about Abilene (it hitting 92 last week is NOT one of them): my little menagerie of pets (Clyde, Bonnie, Daisy, Dudley), Highland church, the convenience of being able to hop in the car (but not the gas prices), my small group, my coffee dates, my bed, my washing machine, my shower… so many wonderful friends who love on me.

I keep trying to think of a nice conclusion to tie these feelings up.  I would tell my students to think about implications.  Hmmmm.  Can’t think of any.  I’ll just say I am looking forward to some GREAT hugs come May!!

P.S. Bonus points to anyone who knows what the title of the post refers to (without googling it 🙂 )


4 responses to “Well begun is half done

  • Megan Hartline

    Mary Poppins!
    (To be fair, I googled it to make sure I was right)
    Can’t wait to give you one of those hugs in May.

  • soosieq

    Yay for Mary Poppins! (My cheer is valid even if the title doesn’t refer to that movie.)

    It’s strange, isn’t it, being in a place that you know you’re going to leave, but having to be there long enough to make it home? This literary critic, Neil Evernden, talks about ecology in terms of self to setting, the tourist vs. the resident. (Tourists consume, residents conserve, in case you were wondering. :)) Where do places/experiences like Oxford fit? Evernden doesn’t leave room for the long-term tourist. Now that I think of it, I think Shanna did something with that problem in her thesis…

    Sorry for the ramble-y comment. I just meant to say, “I know how you feel.”

  • Alyssa

    I know! I know! Maybe I can get a bonus meet up in Dallas trip, right? Half way? Can’t believe it. I know you are having the time of your life!

  • Sherri Luttrell

    Mary Poppins of course & I did not look it up!

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