A Calmer Day

I’m a little behind in my blogging — so this is about Thursday.  We went to the Vatican and St. Peter’s on Wednesday and had been rained on all day.  Though we had really enjoyed those sights, by the time we got back to the hotel Wednesday afternoon we were wet, cold, and tired.  It had already been a busy week and more heavy rain was predicted for the next day.  We were a little at a loss of what to do Thursday, so we decided to take it easy and play it by ear.  My parents headed off to explore a little more and we headed back up to our room.

After a manicure,

And some playtime in the room, the rain had let up and we decided to head out for a walk.  This is the Porta del something, which is not far from our hotel.

And then it started pouring again, so we headed back to the hotel and watched a movie.

Venturing out attempt number two was much more successful.

We found the Spanish Steps.

And the house Keats died in.

It also happened to be the 150th anniversary of Italian Unification — and a bank holiday — so there were lots of people and flags about.

We wandered around the shops awhile and the girls found a fun toy store.

It wasn’t too long before it started to rain again, and we headed back to the hotel to chill some more.  Definitely not our most eventful day in Rome, but the rain ended up being quite a serendipity — we were all tired and appreciated a break from the busyness.   It was some nice family downtime.


3 responses to “A Calmer Day

  • Karen

    Wonderful!! Its so nice to rest. And any day with the Spanish Steps and the Porta del Something is a great bonus! 😉

  • Alyssa

    Ah the Spanish Steps! Did you find the Mammertime Prison? Where Peter and Paul were held? It’s nearby. I’m interested in the pickpocketing story. Miss you…

  • Granny

    I hate this for Mike. Someone stole their good time. It was more than an ID and Passport. I hope things get done quickly and he is not away from the family for long. Looks like even rainy days are fun. Miss you all.

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