Roman Holiday

We’re spending Spring Break in Rome with my parents.  In all honesty, Rome is taking a little while to grow on me.  It could be the long walk (not exactly in the right direction) through some seedy parts on our way to the hotel.  It could be the Metro.  Still, there is much to love.

Here we are waiting for the train to take us to Termini Station

This morning we headed to the Colosseum.  Magnificent really.

I’m sure they don’t fully grasp it.  Maybe someday they will.  Then again, not sure I do either.

One can never really escape their inner nerd.  She is reading about the Colosseum, though.

View from the Colosseum.

From there we walked up Palatine Hill and saw many of the ruins there and then down into the Forum.  Stunning.  I particularly loved our walk up Palatine Hill — it was calm, lovely, and the girls could roam a bit.

And pick flowers (which we found out later was prohibited — and disposed of the evidence.)

JA in front of the Domition Stadium

Temple of Romulus.  That door — only 1700 years old.

One the Rome’s cats.  Molly was thrilled.

So many, many things I could post.  More tomorrow.  One last pic from the Termini train station.  Just for you, E.  🙂



2 responses to “Roman Holiday

  • Granny

    Fun. Rome was the first time that History interested me in school. I love the story of the 7 hills and Remus and Romulas. (SP?)
    Of of course later the leaded, crazy stories that explain its downfall interested me as well.
    Love the history and tales. Enjoy!

  • Alyssa

    Oh I LOVE that you are in Rome!! Oh man…the seedy parts of town…was this the hotel I recommended? Sorry.

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