Horses and Kings and Dragon

Some thoughts from Molly about her new toys:

“I got them at Windsor Castle.  They can stand on their back legs.  There’s horses and there’s a dragon that has pretend fire coming out, that doesn’t come in, though.

These are my favorite toys.  She [JA] got a knight that just became king, and I got a king that already changed to be a king from a prince.  She got a dragon and I got a cannon.  We had to trade so they would fitted best on the horses.”

She informed me today today that her horse’s name was Marina, and her knight’s name was Henry VIII.

We spent all day in our pajamas just relaxing after a busy few days.   I took a 3 hour nap, but JA snapped these pictures in the mean time.

Treasures from the Tower of London. (The set has all sorts of London landmarks.)

Tonight we made homemade pizza and watched Despicable Me.  Good, calm family day.


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