London, again

Today the students had an appointment with the Oxford MP and a tour of Parliament.  Kids under 11 can’t go into Parliament, but we took the opportunity to go into London anyway.  (Mainly because we got to go in on the coach — door to door service — love it.)  The girls and I decided to hit the British Museum instead (and David, the coach driver, dropped us off right there).  Despite the fact that JA got car (or should I say bus) sick FOUR times on the way into London, and I stood in a roadside loo (not as bad as it sounds) and tried to dry jeans with a hand dryer, we had a really fun day.

We checked out a Egypt backpack from the kids desk and had a great time learning about mummies (but not daddies.  Sorry I’ve been up since 5:45).

Here the girls try their hands at some hieroglyphics.

And here JA is doing an imitation of a Chinese god on the Dragon Trail.

We had a lot of fun and can’t wait to go back.  Then the three of us successfully negotiated the underground and met the group at the Tower of London.

The iconic Tower Bridge

JA and MB ready to defend the tower.

Allye instructing the girls how to sneak up on pigeons (and distracting Molly from her skinned knee).

Some swagger with the posse after a near miss of the pigeon.

Striking a pose.

Also, I convinced JA to (finally) update her blog today, so she has a recap of some of her favorite things from the past month or so.


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