It’s all Dava Lynn’s fault

Today we had a refreshingly calmer day after two busy days of traveling.  After church we ate at the Eagle and Child pub.  The “Bird and the Baby” as it’s sometimes referred to, was a favorite pub of CS Lewis and JRR Tolkein.  It’s there that they ate, wrote, talked and became the “Inklings.”  You can see pictures here  (

From there, we walked about 2 miles north to Wolvercote Cemetery to see Tolkein’s grave. (

But tonight, when all the students were at 9@9 and I was home with all the bandwidth, I had a wonderful conversation with my dear friend, Dava Lynn.  It was such a good taste of home, and I love and miss her (and so many other people so much).  If I we’re more dedicated to my blog, I would have used that time to upload pictures.   But now, the students are skyping and my pictures won’t upload.

And I wouldn’t change a thing.

But you’re welcome to blame her if you’d like.


3 responses to “It’s all Dava Lynn’s fault

  • Granny

    Friends first! Please tell Jane Anne I miss her blog. I know she is very busy but I love to read her words.
    What are the plans for the birthday girl?

  • Granny

    AND, any plans to send photo disks to T-ville anytime soon? I am like an addict for photos of the grand- girls and their parents.

  • Dava Lynn

    Hahaha! SO sorry, other friends… But my heart was full and happy after that Skype date!!! Laura, I love you for all the ways you encourage and challenge me!! You are dear and precious!

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