A Few of Our Favorite Things

I think it’s a blessing that we have too many fun things we like about Oxford to show them off in just a day or two!  But we have been able to show Leah, Dave, and Taylor

1.  University Park

2.  The Natural History Museum (where we had to peel Molly away from the baby cockroaches because they were “so cute.”  Bill promised to bring her back to see them growing.  I kid you not.  This is the girl who names all the rolly pollies.)

3.  Magdalen College

4.  Christ Church College

5.  Mr. Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe

What we probably won’t get to show them, but are still on the favorite things list:

6.  Port Meadow

7.  The Ashmolean

8.  The Summertown library

9.  Casa Rose Boutique in Jericho (this may not be on everyone’s list, but it’s definitely on mine!)

10.  The Botanic Gardens

Luckily, Oxford has put on quite a show for them — tons of blooms and buds!


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