“Those” days happen in Oxford, too

You know “those” days.  When you wake up a little grumpy (some in my house might argue for a lot grumpy).  When it’s cold and rainy.  Where you act as mature as your four year old.  When you’re totally derailed by yucky news.  Well, they happen on grand adventures, too.

This morning, Molly and I got into it over her reading work.  I did not act like the Mommy.  (We both took a nap — snuggled up together — and all is well.)

Then I found out that my friend Lisa’s daughter was in the ER last night and had three seizures.  They are home now and waiting on results, so please pray for complete healing.

Today wasn’t all bad, of course.  We went to the library, and ate Indian food, read Alice though the Looking Glass, and prayed four our sweet little friend.  But these are the types of days that can make home seem very far away.  I told the girls at bedtime tonight that I’d like a “do-over” tomorrow.  They told me they were fine with that.

Nonetheless, when I went in to kiss them goodnight a few minutes ago, I found this at one end of Molly’s bed

and this at the other

So, I’ll end my day on that note and take tomorrow as a new gift.



4 responses to ““Those” days happen in Oxford, too

  • Jessica

    Thank goodness for “do-overs”. We all need them, (especially me sometimes)! I’ll be praying for Lisa’s daughter. Please keep all your blogger readers updated on her.

  • Karen

    Enjoyed our chat today! Did my heart some good. So glad that God’s mercies are new every morning. Kiss those sweet little girls for me!

  • Elizabeth Wilson

    It was one of those days, Mama! You and I are clearly kindred spirits as I had the exact type of experience with my children today. Why I thought it was a good idea to take them both with me on errands is totally beyond me. I actually had to apologize to them for my anger at them later on when I’d simmered down. Bad store behavior and bad mommy management. You are so right … we have a new chance tomorrow!! Thank the Lord!

  • Alyssa

    Sweet bedtime pictures! I love taking sleeping pictures. I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s little girl. Scary. And yes, thank goodness for do-overs. Glad I got to see your wrinkle-free face today! I need the name of your cleanser and moisturizer!!

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