Port Meadow

Despite it being a little rainy and muddy today, we decided to head west from our flat and explore Port Meadow.

Port Meadow is a large area of common land beside the Thames.  It’s primarily grazing land, still used for horses and cattle, (and, yes, there was plenty of evidence of this on the path) and has never been plowed.  The people of Oxford were given the land by Alfred the Great in the 10th century and the right to graze animals free of charge was recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 and has been exercised ever since.

Molly was very proud of her puddle splashing abilities.

After a while, Molly got tired, so she and Bill headed home.

Jane Anne and I wandered on for a while (in a Pooh-like circuitous manner), but enjoyed chatting on our little hike.  We then decided that we needed a little Starbucks date before heading home.

One thing that was really surprising to me about being here is how green everything is.  I knew that spring would be spectacular — and lots of things are already budding and blooming — but I didn’t expect so much green in January and February.  It (almost) makes up for the lack of sunshine.


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