Double Date Day, or the Bodleian revisited

Not as in two couples going on a date, as in two dates in one day.  The first one did happen to have 23 or so students tagging along, but not our children, so I think it counts.  Janine Morgan — one of the faculty in residence here — played with the girls all morning!

Meanwhile, we had the chance to tour the Bodleian and see some parts that are not as public.  Unfortunately, the most stunning part, Duke Humphrey’s library did not allow pictures, but it looks — and includes the same volumes (remember the not kindling flame oath I took?  they took that very seriously, especially since there were no electric lights until 1928) — as it did when it was reopened in 1602.

This is the divinity school lecture hall, which dates from the 1440s.

[For my friend, Collin, Happy 8th Birthday!!  I took the next two pictures just for you!]

This is where Harry lies in the hospital bed at the end of the first film.

This is the door the Dumbledore walks through to visit Harry — you can see the decapitated statue of Mary (on the left above the door) in the film.

Here’s Bill feeling regal in the Convocation Room

And finally, across the street, at the university church, the pulpit that John Henry Newman preached from.  Bill did his dissertation over him, just so you know that I’m not the only one swooning over here.

This evening, Holly came over, the girls hosted a dance party, and Bill and I went out (and didn’t take 23 students).  We ate Indian food at Jamal’s and had some ice cream at G&Ds.


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