As you can imagine, it’s hard to keep much of a routine here.  I figured that would be the case before we came, so I decided not to worry about.  Instead I’ve tried to focus on establishing rhythms — semantically, there’s probably not a huge difference — in my mind, though, I hoped we could have some continuity and structure while still being able to go to London or a museum at the drop of a hat.

So every week we try to go on a date, have 5-6 students over for dinner, have some research time for me, and explore somewhere new.  We also get to have a devotional and communion with the students every Sunday evening at 9. It’s a wonderful time of worship.

Every day we read — kind of a big deal in our family — I read from an English children’s book to the girls, Jane Anne reads to Molly (usually a fairy book), and they both read on their own; we do math and handwriting; we go out for a walk or adventure; and we usually go the the grocery store.

We’ve been here four weeks today, and I think we’ve established some of those rhythms.  One thing I’ve found is that Thursdays tend to be a day we need mostly downtime.  I’ve mentioned before that I try to get out of the house everyday, but I also realize that can be hard on little bodies when we walk everywhere we go.  So today we’ve done school — a little geometry, handwriting, plant biology, reading, writing/art, and Alice — and we’ve eaten lunch, and we’ll settle down for a movie this afternoon (maybe a nap for Mom).  Tomorrow we’ll be at it again full speed.  It’s a blessing, though, to be able to take these timeouts.


3 responses to “Rhythms

  • Nana

    Think you have seemed to adjusted well to living away from home in a strange place–accenting the good parts and working around the not so fun.

  • Alyssa

    A month?? Really? That went by quickly!! I’m proud of you for establishing your rhythms. You are awesome!

  • Granny

    Thank you Laura for sharing. It means a lot. I love the photos and seeing the girls enjoy the trip. Keep up the quotes, I can almost hear them being said. Love you!

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