Twue Love — a taste of Bath

This post is not so much about love, except for the fact that the students have been away all weekend and are now skyping with their beloveds back in the states and slowing down the bandwith, making pictures verrrrrrrry slow to upload.

Bath was stunning, and I’ll post more pics tomorrow, but here’s a few.

Walking to the train station — we make the girls carry all the luggage.  It’s why we had kids.

On the platform — this is their first train ride.

The Roman Baths is definitely one of my favorite things we seen so far on this trip.  I was here almost 18 years ago — just for a few hours — and I loved it then.

The girls loved the audio tour

The entrance to the temple (I think, I wasn’t allowed to listen to the audio tour)

Hot water ran out here…again, my audio tour was hijacked.

But aren’t they cute — okay, I’d “share” my audio tour with them anytime.

Put that audio tour down and take a picture with me!

The Baths and Bath Abbey in the background.  The abbey is absolutely stunning, more tomorrow.


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