Monday, Monday

The thing I love most about being here is our pace of life.  I think I’ve mentioned before that Bill is only teaching 2 classes, and I’m on sabbatical.  I’m homeschooling the girls for the semester, so we really have few obligations.  It’s wonderful.  I’ve been thinking of it as our little family’s jubilee.

That being said, I try to make sure we get out of the house every day — just for sanity’s sake.

Today, after our school work, the girls played outside, we went to the public library, met Bill’s class at a Percy Bysshe Shelley exhibit at the Bodleian, and then Bill and I enjoyed a date night.  Having a weekly date night has been a goal for some time now, but this is a great place to commit to it.  First of all, we’re just not as tired as we sometime are at home (and have fewer commitments) and we’re living with 35 potential babysitters.

All that to say, today was a great day.

In the backyard

Outside the library (while Mom finished her chai)

Bill and I went to Jamie’s Italian for dinner — as in Jamie Oliver, aka the Naked Chef.  Yum.  Yum.  Yum.

Bill’s burger

My carbonara

tiramisu 🙂


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